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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: a new a rest in the torching of a san francisco new boss a new arrest of the public a san francisco public minibus. san francisco police say 19 year-old daly city was one of those responsible for destroying the $700,000.
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after the giants and celebration. >> president obama back in the white house tonight making plans for his second term with the election results are causing republicans. to back off from the partisan rhetoric. the mullets rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country in a bipartisan way. >>pam: people living in the oakland hills say crime is no stranger to this neighborhood of police protection is. >> the police told us they just don't have the manpower. >>pam: we are live at a community meeting. with those residents are demanding answers. >> a second arrest has been announced. the destructive vandalism attack that resulted in a muni bus attacked torching that a san francisco muni bus after the giants won the world
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series. take a look this video, a bystander took this as you can see several people said the bus on fire and smashed out windows. the damage is close to $1 million. police announced a second arrest. police are still looking for other suspects. this is the 19 year-old nicholas hudson he was arrested late wednesday for vandalism, destroying a passenger transit vehicle and olson all are felonies. and and in connection with this the destruction of the san francisco transit bus during the celebration of broke out in the city following the baseball team's world series win. the daly city residents arrests, on the heels of gregory ganniss;s from the incident. this is another picture of a guinness according to police as he was caught committing the crimes. pictures and
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video from the public having critical in helping them cracked the case. and hoping the release of new photos will lead to more arrests. police are looking for this man right here captured in a series of shots showing compassion when all of the muni bus using a skateboard. call police department if you recognize any of these people. >>pam: let me very happy new faces at the oakland city council. >> he i have have both supported curfews. if the city of oakland as a whole we make too many excuses for negative behavior and we tolerate too much negative behavior. i certainly support the gang injunctions and in my neighborhood there are some individuals that have demonstrated violently did the we cannot tolerate.
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i think that police department, and the city council we need to come up with a strategic plan on how we're going to address that. >> as a result of last night's election in three new members will be seated in 2013. rebecca kaplan will remote retain her council member. and ygnacio de la fuents... serve of the council for the last 20 years. >>pam: they are still counting votes in florida. it is back to work for the president. catherine heenan has more on the election fallout. >> this morning, the president and his family boarded air force one in chicago headed back to washington. he reached out to key congressional leaders from both parties after the reelection. talking about the agenda for the rest of the year if the hard part of winning includes facing serious economic problems.
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and while it may have appeared to be a nail biting evening leading to this celebration of, insiders have reportedly been very confident for the last couple of weeks. if when the confetti clears, the president knows he has huge challenges ahead. >> we want you to succeed. let us try to find the common ground. there but least for today the opposition was saying nice things. >>catherine: as for mitt romney and a tweed it this picture of him in his boston hotel room this morning to run the wife family murders and a gallon of chocolate milk. after a gracious concession speech from his political future remains uncertain his running mate palm mayapaul ryan-retains his old job in congress. >> the president first of all did a very, very effective ground campaign. and i think the country that
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is looking at a different spo set of th and we're looking at. >>catherine: catherine heenan, kron 4. >>pam: what is ahead with four more years of president obama? >> president obama returns to the white house with a new set of promises. tax hikes for the rich, immigration reform and creating 8 million manufacturing jobs. one of the big differences, is that the president does not have to worry about poll numbers. instead of focusing on another election he could be thinking about his legacy. that could impact his negotiations with opponents in congress. the country may still be split into red and blue states but a closer look shows why the president might feel confident about achieving his goals. and the seven states considered too close to call just one day before the election everyone went for obama. in
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massachusetts, the nation's leading champion of bank regulation is elected to the senate. >> an amazing campaign. >>pam: young people credited with elizabeth warren victory as well as successful efforts to legalize marijuana in washington state & color of your >> you cannot argue with the wheel of the voters >>pam: board evidence of that increasing the liberal a lockport. after dozens of the feats of the polls. the liberal electorates same-sex marriages approved in maine, maryland and the first of russiaopenly gay senator elected in the state of wisconsin. >> i did not want to make
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history, i ran to make a difference. it >> on the other side republicans' appeal to traditions and values felt flat and missouri, indiana. even a red-state voters rejected senate candidates for their extreme anti- abortion views. washington, john boehner acknowledged that the political winds may be shifting. >>pam: stay with us for, but continued coverage. >> if there is a mandate in yesterday's results it is a mandate for a to find a way to work together on solutions to the challenges we face together as a nation. pam banff if for the latest election coverage. >>pam: for the latest stay with us for continued election coverage. >>jacqueline: t-shirts yesterday and now, jeans
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today. there is rain to the north and notice the cloud pattern is spotty not very organized. for tomorrow and wednesday and also this indicates on stable patterns. near the coast. if that is exactly what we have with-on stabl and unstabe... air patterns. the chance for storms will remain with us tomorrow and friday but drier weather on tap for the weekend. we will talk to what the weekend, coming up. >>pam: developing news in the east bay an emergency meeting of trussing the violent crime in the oakland hills. reggie kumar joins us live. reggie? >>pam: reggie? >> this is that the
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presbyterian church where this home one disassociation every person the neighborhood homeowners' association this is exactly the same knee or heard premier jean qua. jean quan this the same neighborhood were mixed. jean quan is living. some of these neighbors are terrified. this is part of council members shafts.. districts and believes the more police are needed. >> i share the sentiment of these neighbors i live in this neighborhood. that is the first thing that we need to do is to get more police officers on our streets. we are taking the steps to do that but it does take some time to train them so will not see the impact soon enough. >> the c h p is already helping police. and already in talks with the lme the
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sheriff's department and the oakland police department. and the alameda sheriff's department. the oakland police is already going to have 120 new police officers in the academy that there will not be ready for a least one more here. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news pu >>pam: if a criminal suspect his lawyer says about this police actions. and fate. grocery store is walking the picket lines the sticking points that cause them to go on strike, ahead. plus, if you have a friend, family member that is a gamer you might want to not see them for a few weeks. the most anticipated gain from 2012 is on the market. the most anticipated video game --
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>>pam: this bay area man is suing the police department of martina's after a police confrontation he was tazed. it was at this gas station where the say he was not needed to be they had a warrant for his police as they had a warrant for his arrest for a domestic violence. you can see on this video, he dropped to both knees and said something to the officers but then he got hit with 10,000 v. he has claimed a civil against the city.
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>> he was compliant. does it look like he was doing anything to anybody? >> a press release from the martinez police shot chief and that release he says that he stands by state action of the officer said during the are rust at a martinez and gas station the to plug the taser gun after he refused to comply with officers order. >> that is a red herring by the chief of police it has nothing to do with this he did what he was told to do. >> the contra costa county has -filed-felony charges. >> u.s. yourself when you have taste him? >> reporting, live, kron 4 news. >> and dianne feinstein. -- ask yourself if you would have used a taser on ham
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im... >>pam: dianne feinstein still concerned about the division of the senate and the house. she says the two sides have to find a way to work together. >> we must do the people's business we have to find ways to use that word and some are disdainful of. but i see an enormously positive sense and that is the word, compromise. that is how you get things done and that is how you solve problems. >> senator feinstein will be serving her fourth full term in office and grant? >> correct we are going to break down the numbers. the senate, which the democrats controlled before the election are still in control. the democrats are projected to gain two seats
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in the senate. some final votes are still being counted. cnn and is projecting that there will be 53 democratic senators. one independent, who typically votes democratic. there are 46 republicans. so the republicans retain the senate control. the republicans kept their majority in the house. votes are still being tallied however is the end and is currently projecting the gop to have to 33 seats compared to 194. with 233 seats of the gop. if republicans fail to win the presidency. but the dot maintains a substantial control and the house. with the warm up tomorrow and saturday more on your extended forecast. >>jacqueline: what is going to happen tomorrow. the increasing cloud coverage
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associated with the system that is pushing to the east. that cloud coverage over washington is indicative of what will see tomorrow. spotty showers and when you see this broken cloud patterns it is indicating instability close to the coast. there is the possibility of storms. futurecast, by 10:00 a.m. the show was along the san mateo coast. spotty showers continuing and they're going to continue through the afternoon with the 3:00 p.m. the rain south of the golden gate. and in the afternoon a spotty showers mainly along the north bay coast. showers are continuing south of the golden gate and we have the possibility of thunderstorms throughout this time. as we go towards friday more moderate weather cells near the coast. thunderstorms would mean just that with moderate rainfall, heavy downpours
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and also the possibility of hail. fifth we do have the possibility of even a lightning. temperatures tomorrow are going to get chile and friday because there are cool, canadian air. temperatures in the south bay, 50s, 60s. also, at that same area the inland valleys 50s and 60s. 50s and 60s near livermore, concord and even some lower fifties needed to. and half moon bay, '50s with 60s and how about the sierras. snowfall is expected. through the afternoon and by friday it is starting and it is widespread by 4:00 p.m. heavy at this time me. portions of the sierras. and that the snowfall continues. at this time -- tomorrow car the areas highlighted in
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purple of the winter weather adviser res. that goes into effect until 10:00 a.m. at that could be extended with the advisories---2-6 and even more at higher elevations with 46. by 11:00 a.m., we will see freezing low temperatures and stay there for the next couple of days. a look at your extended forecast with rain, wind. possible thunderstorms and towards friday and along the coast we are under a general store outlook on friday. temperatures will stay cool. but we will improve towards the week. >> what did randy moss into on his week off? we have the answer. and a 15 year-old girl without a driver's license is running property. running over cars will have that story in the update,
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>> at this point there is no indication if negotiations will resume. in alameda, charles clifford, kron 4 news. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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[ female announcer ] with a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] it's a triple-play bundle that's hard to beat. same great price. two whole years. price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ >>pam: coming up our decision continues as the proposition 30 was expected by the california voters. and not accept it was a local measure to help fire departments what will
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happen there stations and public safety after major's went down last night " q " to not pass did not pass [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. our continuing coverage continues. proposition 30, the temporary tax measures if passed by 700,000 votes. tonight they have the coverage in the reaction. >> the election last night was clear and resounding victory for children, schools, in the california dream. >> governor jerry brown took his victory lap up the people of california have put their trust and i plan on doing everything in my power to honor that trust. if it would have felt it would have triggered massive
8:30 pm
cuts to education shortening the school year in tuition increases at the university level and we're not going to see those big cutbacks on higher education and going forward. we are going to see about $2,500 per student going into our schools in california for the next four-five years. >> the governor says there will be no pinch spending for the temporary tax increases instead he says this taxes will pay and invest in the right programs. now that this voter approval tax has passed he was asked if more could be passed possibly tax reforms but as far as any tax increase that will have to go to a vote of the people. at the state level, kron 4 news. >> let us take a look of the
8:31 pm
other propositions. they said it no one proposition 31. they also said no one proposition 32 that there's no change to the way that the unions could be used for political deductions from their paychecks and also this is proposition 33. the decision tells of a one chirrs the cannot give you customers discounts based on how long there were previously insured voters also said no one proposition 34. this up holds the death penalty. yes on prop. 35 means larger fines and prison sentences for committing human trafficking crimes. if proposition 36 also gives a " yes " vote. al, some criminals with two previous violent felony
8:32 pm
convictions would not necessarily get a life sentence for a third felony that's considered non the dutch violent. and also, no on proposition 37. that means food companies will not have specific label and rolls when the selling genetically engineered food. no on proposition 38. no income tax and additionally for tax hikes for all workers money would have gone to schools. the vote is yes on proposition 39 in. companies doing business in california will pay income taxes based on how much business they two in the state of california. the extra money goes to his energy efficient and energy products. and also yes and proposition 44. >>pam: proposition q what that means for local fire.
8:33 pm
>> office last stitch effort to save contra costa county was the fire attacks. they receive the majority of its revenue from property taxes. with measure q, if they would have paid $75 for seven years. that would help generate $70 million towards the budget. that two-thirds needed did not happen. among by july 1st will have just 22 companies from 30 companies in 2010. further cuts and further closures are going to be no longer response times and that is going to be a fires are going to get bigger and from the medical response standpoint we're not going to be able to intervene as quickly as recorded. if there was a heart attack or stroke. >> because the fire his understaffed. the fire staff
8:34 pm
is understaffed. >> because there been so many open positions it is not anticipated that firefighters are going to be laid off as a station closures. >> we're told the fire district is using its reserves and will run out. using these cuts is a necessity although there is more cuts possibly for the month of july. and contra costa county, felicia reid, kron 4 news >> if somebody close to you enjoys video games, you may not see them. halo 4 this and intends violence science fiction based video games. it has not disappointed >> they have even the
8:35 pm
improved the speed. if the graphics look amazing it really looks like an improvement of a wincing in the past. the story is pretty good. one of the criticisms is sometimes the story got a little bit convoluted or strange. and it was a little bit hard to follow but now, the fourth version there are still furious that are difficult to follow but they did a good job on still-year reset are difficult to follow but they did a good job on the sci-fi adventure and you still want to play to see what happens >> this is only on microsoft x box council. it is microsoft's to become a cash cow, a multibillion- dollar franchise. x box and halo is a great combination. they are trying to break into dea smart phone market. >> halo out cells x box and
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microsoft knows that is a big brand. so they can use to that branch to expand into other arenas. when they started speaking of windows phone was that you could have part of your x box experience on your you could [ laughter ] your [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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>> now for today's market update. the stock's closing with their worst one day loss of the year. as investors looked past the election and focus on big problems ahead in washington and in europe. the dow jones industrial average plunged 3 and 13 points in its worst day of to murder
8:39 pm
12. the s&p 500 dropped more than 33 points. the nasdaq was down 74 points. j. r. stone has more. >> to not panic, don't bail out toward >> that is the message from june jelter.. at market watcher says despite the dow's 313 point loss wednesday is not as bad as it appears. it is debatable if the election results for the reason for the drop. what is not debatable are two other things talk out of europe and that the debt crisis could be affecting germany and talk of our economy falling off a physical cliff because of tax hikes in government spending cuts that are set to kick in next year. >> we could see the markets gradually rebuilding itself
8:40 pm
as we get closer and closer to the end of the year. as the divided congress cannot come to a compromise than the stock market check could become a reality. >> it is not just talk it is either going to happen we could go off that ---fiscal cliff.. it could trigger another recession. >> and since the year 1900 when there has been a major sell-off after the election there have been for a quarter gains 70% of the timing. that is some good news. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: rex ryan talks about the most overrated coach in the n f l and jim harbaugh on were the 49ers are for the midway of the season. all of your sports, coming
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> running stop signs, riding on the sidewalk, for exactly 2 hours i walked around the web:san francisco. >> it is not as i always have to walk and watch to make sure i could not hit them they have to obey. >> running the stop sign with no hands i'm pretty sure that is illegal. and in fact in the two hours i was there i literally only saw four riders and she stopped out of several dozen. and i came back to see what it was like back to the media hype
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died down. i checked steiner, waller, and dubpis and haigt... it was all the same. the last time i did this i was flooded with e- mails. many praising the fact that i have the courage to tackle this problem and i couldn't understand why they said the courage. and the other e-mails port and i was called every name in the blog and assumptions were not in the book. among the bicycles, you have to watch out for the bicycles they are like cars they could ride you over. the my action try to talk to some by cyclistsat by writers need to stop. and if they do, because it is the law and with a pot of their bikes the olcott and owners manual and guess what? in the owner's manual, it instructs writers to follow the rules of the
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road. many riders choose not to plain and simple. if you would like to read some of the e-mails i get from a greek bike riders. feel free to check my facebook oupage out. from the depth-a group typewriters. kron 4 stanley roberts is the facebook fan page from some angry -- bicycle riders. >>jacqueline: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m some warm weather expected and first, if there rainfall and the satellite & showing the north bay. we can see spotty showers associate with the slow system that is going to be impacting us. this indicates a couple of things. instability. and the next
8:46 pm
would be that we could see spotty showers for the next couple of things because we do not have that mean that ban grie rainfall coming throug. and the spotty showers also to the san mateo coast by 10:00 a.m. at also spotty showers through the north bay. and along the el diablo range. how showers along the golden gate with had/mess. and it is not expected to be particularly heavy with hit --miss.. and by 9 some rainfall moderate weather cells along the coast. instability is confined to the coast once it is over the land area. torms that we wil see will be near the coast. looking at the afternoon highs 50s and 60s. 58 degrees in the pieces. also in the upper 50s and 60s for
8:47 pm
the inland valleys were- milpitas-58. 56 degrees in ocean beach. 50s through the north bay. also some snowfall possible. the sierras are showing some snowfall with even heavy at times by 4:00 p.m. fairly widespread. and continuing overnight that snowfall will continue going into friday. we do have a number of winter statements into effect and winter weather advisories for the region. some of these could last a little bit longer. 10:00 p.m. and perhaps into the afternoon because we are going to snowfall not only tomorrow but also friday. that snowfall continuing on friday with 6 in. of it lead levels. there will be cooling to the freezing your
8:48 pm
lake levels will also seek freezing temperatures. cooling temperatures on friday. and in the wake of this storm saturday, sunday, chilly and temperatures are warming up nicely. >> a good evening, everybody. the sunday is the second half 6-2 at the halfway mark coming off. smith is the fourth highest rated quarterback in the league behind patent manning,. rodgers and napa ryan of the falcons. jim harbaugh, one of his worst press conferences this week. he just did not feel like talking. let us here. >> it would be better than we did it yesterday. and it
8:49 pm
feels like improvements will be towards wins and wins will lead to championships can i know that sounds simple but possibly so simple that it just might work. >> randy moss a four mentioned he wanted to tweak his bye week and i must say that all of these stations and networks are doing this. here is randy moss and saying that he was back in west virginia. and there he is, from rand.. university which grace of women working at the 7- eleven. and according to the anonymous nfl players 27 teams anticipated the is the most overrated coach of the
8:50 pm
league. rex ryan was the number one most overrated coach. and bill belichick was 2nd... >> my first was that i finally beat bill on something. >> antar locke andrew luck.... d them at 5-3. and he led his teammates about a 30 of them shaking their heads in honor of chalkcukpagano... this ropkes leading the way. and a shaving his head in honor
8:51 pm
off chuck pagano... and the rookie.. leading the way. >> and let me take this opportunity to say that the big house is leaving. and i must say that your leaving san francisco, lau los angeles, n.y.? maybe an industrial city. baby is going to cleveland? he is moving eugene, oregon. >> he is moving into management it is a different skill set. >> he is a management. >> and he is managing a station. >> he is going to be a news manager. commodious for
8:52 pm
freezing he will be in better -- and also but is nice about him a lot of it his producers and we've had a few that, and that they're here and leave. he was always nice. , very nice. >> if someone was going on and off and really a good guy. , we wish him a very, very best. and his last words were you are right, michael yaki was on way too much. >> he did not say that. >> four hours! [laughter] but anyway, good luck. and i did not know the you're going into management. greg passer the next time you are in the eugene, looked him up. baseball, awards are on the horizon. bruce koch--boccy
8:53 pm
davey johnson is a finalist, dusty baker and fled to be over to bob melvin accurate and all of these guys vote on these award to the end of the regular season. baltimore and vneatura and cespedes rookie of the year however tough competition...with trout and mark mcguire has
8:54 pm
basically stayed out of the limelight in irvine, california. tony la russa says that i would give you a break and he was a three- year hitting instructor and now he is coming back to coach with the dodgers. we will take a break. and memories... eugene, oregon. >> he will be the guy that says my gosh what has happened? good luck
8:55 pm
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>> here he is, it is ironic that your leaving the right after yaki good morning! wow.
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sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.

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